Posted by: allisonbarnes | October 10, 2010

My Top 10 Favorite Ways that Student-Athletes Give Back

In Honor of 10/10/10 I wanted to share 10 ways that student-athletes  give back to the community.

The UNC Football team and Swimming & Diving gets the crowd moving during the electric slide at last year's YMCA health day

1.  Carolina Dreams

Carolina Dreams brings children who are being treated at the N.C. Children’s Hospital to campus to spend an afternoon with student-athletes while attending an athletic event. So far this year the baseball team hosted a group for the GT football game.  Other teams will host Late Night with Roy (Oct. 15), Women’s soccer vs. MD (Oct. 24), Football vs. William & Mary (Oct. 30), and Men’s soccer vs. Clemson (Nov.5).

2.  Habitat for Humanity House

Student-athletes team up with other groups on campus and help build houses in Orange County.

3.  Visit Frank Porter Graham Elementary to tutor, mentor, or read to students.

Student-athletes who get involved  tend to pick a class and visit them at a certain time each week.  The kids enjoy having a college student in their room and love showing off their sports skills during recess.

4.  N.C. Children’s Hospital Visits

Individuals/teams visit the playroom and try to put a smile on children who are going through treatment at the hospital.

Student-athletes deliver snacks to kids Monday-Thursday from 1:30- 2:30 p.m.

5.  Ronald McDonald House

As one of my personal favorites, student-athletes can fix meals, bake cookies, clean, or help with game nights.

6.  Visit with patients who are receiving treatment in the N.C. Jaycee Burn Center

Since the Burn Center at UNC is one of the leading centers in the southeast , many patients come from all over the region. Since they are far from home, student-athletes try to come in and visit them while they are receiving through treatment.

7.   Email/Skype with students from Crestview Middle School in Covington, TN

8.  Tri -N-Give Tour

Three schools (UNC, Duke and NCSU) partner together to  help with the Habitat Home for Youth United (Durham)

9.  Volunteer at  Charles House

Student-athletes bake, garden or just visit with adults.

10.  Take part in a seasonal outreach opportunities. For this month student-athletes will team up with Duke and help with the Durham Jaycees Haunted House. They will dress up and take part in the haunted house… I did this my sophomore year but was unsuccessful at scaring anyone. Multiple people laughed at me but at least they had a good time.

Pictures bellow are from the 2010 YMCA Health Day… taught kids healthy eating habits and different ways to be more active.

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  1. Nice job! Great story and well done!

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