Posted by: allisonbarnes | October 12, 2010

Student- Athletes Visit the NC Jaycee Burn Center

There are a lot of similarities between an athlete and a patient who is in recovery. Rehab and practice make you stronger.   Some days are harder than others,  but every day is an opportunity to try again. On Friday, about 20 student- athletes learned these similarities when they visited the North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center.

The NC Burn Center is one of the leading burn units in the southeast region.  Many of the patients receiving treatment are not from NC, so visitors can be hard to find. Student-athletes had the opportunity to come in and meet with some of the patients and chat with them about sports, their recovery, and what they are excited about doing when they are done with treatments.

Student-athletes even picked up a few extra fans as one patient was excited to watch the UNC vs. Clemson game the following day after meeting 10 of the football players. Other teams that attended were women’s lacrosse, women’s track & field, swimming & diving, women’s rowing, and women’s gymnastics.

“As student athletes, sometimes we think we have it really rough. But when you do something like visiting patients in the Burn Center, it helps put things into perspective. It is so inspiring seeing these patients overcome such major physical and emotional obstacles and with such courage and optimism,” said senior Meredith Newton, women’s lacrosse.

Newton  has attended the event since its been going on.

Dr. Bruce Cairns, a former swimmer from Johns Hopkins, was one of the doctors who showed UNC student-athletes around the burn center.

To learn more about the Jaycee Burn Center or ways to prevent burns, visit its website at


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