Posted by: allisonbarnes | October 23, 2010

Coach for College

Student-athletes teach using sport analogies to motivate Vietnamese youth

Most college graduates want to relax and hang out with friends until they have to enter the “real world” of work. However, for two UNC student-athletes, they chose to spend their last summer of freedom teaching Vietnamese youth sports as a means to higher education. Annie Moran, Fencing, and Kara Wright, Gymnastics, spent their last summer in a program called Coach for College.

Coach for College capitalizes on the popularity of sports and provides sports infrastructure to rural youth in Vietnam to develop excitement for key subjects such as Biology, Physics, English and Morality. CFC is a forum for  student-athletes to use the skills they have developed in their sport… like leadership, hard work, dedication,  and teamwork… and teach those skills to disadvantaged youth. These valuable skills will help students continue in their studies.

Annie posing with a few members of the green team

“Coach for College was an amazing experience because not only did you get to meet and interact with a group of individuals from a completely different culture and background, but you also get to form friendships with other student athletes. You learn that while each team and sport has its own unique culture, there are some traits that are shared by all teams regardless of university or sport.”

CFC started in the Summer of 2008, by then Duke student-athlete Parker Goyer. The program currently includes rival schools: UNC and Duke, Virgina and Virginia Tech. The program hopes to expand to other rural areas and add other rival schools. Other UNC athletic teams that participated in Coach for College this past summer were Women’s Tennis team and Swimming & Diving.

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  1. Thanks for a nice entry reminding me about my time in the most memorable place ever. Miss u!

    • Thanks Thao! Hope all is well, miss you too!

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