Posted by: allisonbarnes | November 15, 2010

A Long-Standing Tradition for UNC Football

Most athletes have some type of routine before a big game or competition.  Whether it is eating a particular meal before hand or listening to a certain song, each athlete has something that gets them pumped.  For Alan Pelc, he visits the N.C. Children’s Hospital every Friday before a home game… a tradition that he has not missed in the last 5 years!

The tradition of visiting the N.C. Children’s Hospital has gone as far back as to when Coach Mogridge was a student-athlete at UNC. Usually about 10-15 offensive linebackers go to the hospital but Friday about 40 football players went before the UNC vs. VT football game.

“If me coming in and visiting a child for 2 minutes, and help make a patient smile could help him or her feel better just for a few hours or minutes, I want to do it.  You just never know what could help turn someone in their struggles with illness for the better.  It is a great opportunity for us athletes who are so fortunate to inspire one of these kids to get better so maybe one day they could do what we do.  ” – Alan Pelc, Offensive Guard.

And inspire they have. One patient at the hospital is one of the UNC Football team’s biggest fans. He recently spent his eighteenth birthday in the hospital and has unfortunately been in the hospital for every visit this year. But every time the team walks into his room, he lights up.

Visiting the Hospital before home games has been a long-standing tradition for UNC Football. Even though the team lost to VT on Saturday, they brought hope to many of the kids in the Children’s Hospital over the weekend.

The team will play again at home this Saturday at 12 p.m. against N.C. State.


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