Posted by: allisonbarnes | November 18, 2010

Fish Out of Water

The UNC Swimming & Diving team is used to being underwater the majority of the time, but on Sunday members from the team competed on the dodgeball court.  The team supported Junior Sarah Tanner in a dodgeball tournament to help raise money for Get REAL & HEEL, an after care breast cancer program.

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Tanner, along with Leksi Georgieva from Women’s Volleyball and three other team members, decided to host a dodgeball tournament for their RECR 420 class, Program Planning in Recreation Services.  The group had 8 different community programs to pick from but chose Get REAL & HEEL.

“The prevalence of breast cancer and Get REAL & HEEL’s dedication to bettering the lives of breast cancer sufferers and survivors stood out to me, ” said Tanner.

Get REAL & HEEL is a program that serves breast cancer patients in North Carolina. It integrates exercise with recreational therapy to strengthen a patients body and mind. The program develops individual plans for each patient to help manage cancer treatment related to symptoms.

“Get REAL & HEEL has been a lifeline to me. It is giving me the push and support I need to ‘get going’ again. The exercise is definitely increasing my flexibility, strength and stamina. And through what I’m learning through bio-feedback, I feel more in control of my emotions and inner-peace. Just being around such a positive program with so much enthusiasm has helped me feel better about myself, my healing process and my connection with others.” — Mimi, Participant/Survivor

There were 60 participants with over 12 teams registered and quite a few spectators.  Athletic teams that supported the cause were Track & Field, Women’s Tennis and Swimming & Diving.  When asked what it meant to have the support of the UNC athletic community, Tanner replied:

“The fact that my own teammates and fellow UNC athletes participated, reminded me that Carolina student-athletes aren’t only dedicated to their respective sports, but to their University and community as well.”

Women’s Volleyball would have been present at the event, but were unable to attend due to a tournament in Miami.

With grants and the support from groups like Tanner’s, the program is currently provided to patients for free.  The group raised over $300 through the dodgeball tournament.


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