Posted by: allisonbarnes | January 25, 2011

New UNC Student-Athlete Outreach Program

Student-Athletes at UNC are always thinking of new ways to give back to the community. One area that appeals to many student-athletes is working with children.  For Jordan AllyneKelsey Grich, Meghan Lyons and Meredith Newton the foursome decided to team up.  The group of girls combined all areas they were passionate in: teaching kids, encouraging kids to communicate with others overseas, and motivating kids to raise money for a great cause.  Together they created a new outreach program called Adopt a Classroom.

Adopt a Classroom is a program that allows UNC student-athletes to visit third graders at Glenwood Elementary school several times a week.  Student-athletes visit for 30-45 minutes to teach students a lesson that is already approved by the teachers. Right now the program involves Ms. Cho and Ms. White’s third grade classes.

The program has been in the works since last semester but officially started the week of January 17.  Each week has a theme and a valuable lesson. Since the first week was during the celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. , students learned about his legacy.

Finding a school was harder than expected for Grich. After contacting several elementary schools about having student-athletes teach several times a week, she found Glenwood. UNC student-athletes have worked with the elementary school  prior to Adopt a Classroom with efforts in having kids write letters to students in Uganda.

“I hope we create a good partnership with Glenwood and the teachers there. My hope is to expand the project depending on how this semester goes to hopefully other grades in Glenwood or maybe other third grade classes in other local elementary schools. The goal is to get UNC student-athletes out in the  community more, not just some sports, but all of them,” said Grich.


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