Posted by: allisonbarnes | February 16, 2011

UNC Student-Athletes Help Play Cupid

Valentine’s Day stirs up a lot of different emotions: love, friendship, romance or loneliness. For some it’s a day to show your special someone how much he or she means to you; to others it is referred to as Single Awareness Day.

However you look at the holiday and/or the day to not feel guilty about eating an excessive amount of chocolate, giving a card to someone is a nice way to show someone that you care. On Tuesday, February 8, Women’s Field Hockey, Volleyball and Men’s Soccer visited Ms. Whites and Mrs. Cho’s third grade class to help students make Valentine’s Day cards.

The teams visited Glenwood Elementary School as part of the weekly UNC student-athlete initiative, Adopt a Classroom. Earlier in the week, students learned about different heroes throughout US history. When the students were asked who their heroes were, one student responded with Martin Luther King, Jr., while another, a Tar Heel in the making, responded with Michael Jordan.

The heroes theme was incorporated into the upcoming holiday by having students write Valentine’s Day cards to the heroes in their lives.

“Having the opportunity to teach and interact with these kids was a lot of fun,” said Junior Soccer player Kirk Urso. “I wish I had the opportunity to hang out with UNC student-athletes when I was in elementary school.”

The teams split up with Women’s Field Hockey and Volleyball helping Ms. White’s class, while Men’s Soccer helping with Mrs. Cho’s.  All the teams had a great time and shared stories on the drive back to UNC.

One story that stood out to Urso was when one of the students found himself in timeout after a sarcastic comment. Right before Men’s Soccer broke into groups, one of the players made a remark that the boy reminded him of himself when he was his age.

“Interestingly enough, both of these witty fellas ended up in the same group when we made the Valentine’s Day cards… destiny,” said Urso.

Thanks to these three teams, Ms. White’s and Mrs. Cho’s third grade class learned how to personally thank someone who is important to them in their lives. The students had a great time, as well as the student-athletes.

“I know it meant a lot to the kids and I’m hoping that our team can get more involved with the community, because it is a really enriching experience for both the kids and for us,” said Urso.

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