Posted by: allisonbarnes | February 26, 2011

UNC Swimmers Get Excited for ACC’s by Helping the Community

Junior UNC Swimmer Candace Cooper reads "Froggy Learns to Swim" to students in Atlanta.

Right before an ACC Championship, student-athletes are usually a bottle of nerves and anxious to compete. Whether they are excited or nervous, most are completely engulfed in their sport. But two UNC Swimmers found another way to relax their nerves while they helped out the community.

On Feb. 16, the first day of ACC’s,  Sarah Tanner and Candace Cooper took part in the ACC Outreach initiative and went to the Neighborhood Charter School in Atlanta to read to students.  Student-Athletes read “Froggy Learns to Swim,” an acceptable choice for a group of swimmers.

“It was exciting to be able to be a part of teaching the little kids about swimming and more importantly the value of courage,” said Tanner. “I’m so glad I participated in this and that the ACC offers outreach opportunities.”

Frogs are supposed to be natural swimmers, but Froggy gets nervous around the water. With a little encouragement and practice, Froggy gets over his fears and becomes an excellent swimmer.

ACC Swimmers take part in an ACC Outreach Initiative and visit Neighborhood Charter School in Atlanta.

“We were teaching them the importance of never giving up and always staying encouraged,” said Cooper. “They asked us a lot of questions… they were fun.”

Other teams that participated in the outreach activity included Duke, Miami, Boston College, NC State, Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech. Once the teams arrived to the school, they paired up with someone from a different team to read and answer any questions the students might have about swimming, college athletics, or times they have had to show courage.

The UNC Women’s swim team knows a lot about the importance of never giving up.  The team challenged three-time ACC Champion UVA up until the final day of the meet. The meet came down to the last relay with UVA winning by 42 points. Even though their efforts didn’t win them gold, the girl’s team isn’t giving up. The team begins practice again on Monday to begin training for the summer season and next year’s ACC Championship.


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