Posted by: allisonbarnes | April 17, 2011

A Dad is Forever

UNC Strength and Conditioning Coach Greg Gatz spoke to fathers at Frank Porter Graham Elementary School as part of the All Pro Dads program.

Today marks the 2 month countdown for Father’s Day. This may sound a little silly to have a countdown for a holiday that doesn’t receive as much attention as  other favorites, but it should. No matter who you were raised by, the memories and the lessons someone teaches you last a life time. UNC Strength and Conditioning Coach Greg Gatz understands the importance of family. On March 3, Gatz spoke at the “All Pro Dads”  breakfast at Frank Porter Graham Elementary School.

The All Pro Dad’s Day is a part of the Family First innovative program, which provide programs that encourage family relationship building.  Schools host a one-hour monthly breakfast before school where fathers and their children discuss a range of family topics to strengthen their relationships, and find new ways to spend more time together. March’s theme was “A Dad is Forever.”

“I think events like this are great because it reinforces the importance of a stable family life and the parents’ life-long commitment to supporting their children,” said Gatz.

Gatz spoke to fathers about encouraging their children through adversity and remembering that being a dad is a full-time job for life.

“I started my talk off by saying how neat it was to be able to slow our busy days down and be able to converse and share a meal with our kids,” said Gatz. “I thought they were very receptive to the message that family is important.”

Gatz is one of the Strength and Conditioning Coaches at UNC. He is known for not only his role as a supportive father, but also as a strength coach to many UNC student-athletes.


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