Posted by: allisonbarnes | April 22, 2011

UNC Student-Athletes Go Green

UNC student-athletes handed out seeds to 3rd graders at Glenwood Elementary School to support "Going Green"

Ask someone on campus what their favorite color is and majority of them will say Carolina Blue. And for the freshmen who say “baby blue” they will quickly learn to correct themselves. But today is Earth Day and all the talk is on Green. On April 13, UNC student-athletes hosted a field day at Glenwood Elementary School to teach students about “Going Green.”

UNC student-athletes have been visiting with Ms. Cho and Mrs. White’s 3rd grade class since the beginning of the semester through the Adopt a Classroom program.  Adopt a Classroom is a program in which UNC student-athletes visit a class on a weekly basis to teach a lesson on a particular topic that the students are learning that week.  April’s theme was Going Green, so student-athletes taught  about the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Sophomore Wrestler Chris Woltz partnered with a student during the three-legged race.

A few weeks prior to the Field day, Junior Men’s Golf player Patrick Barrett read a book to students about the importance of helping the environment.

“It was really cool when some of the kids recognized us from when we came to their class a couple of weeks ago,” said Barrett. “Some of the kids remembered my name as soon as they saw me.”

The event consisted of four different stations, including a golf ball and spoon relay, a three-legged race, a ball relay and a football toss. At the end of the activities, the UNC Football team challenged  the 3rd graders to a tug o’ war contest. Unfortunately for the guys,  Ms. Cho and Mrs. White’s class came out victorious!

“At the end of the day, one student remarked to another, ‘This was the best day ever!’ The two 3rd grade classes involved in the field day were certainly the envy of the rest of the Glenwood students!” Exclaimed Mrs. White.

After all the activities were over, students were given a dixie cup that had a seed in soil to plant when they got home. Planting the seed served as a reminder to the students to remember the lesson that the UNC student-athletes taught them earlier in the month: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

“The students’ self-esteem was sky-high that day…they were receiving special attention from athletes they admire and recognize,” said Mrs. White. “To them, the athletes represented character traits we have been studying in school: determination, success, and talent, all built upon teamwork and positive dispositions.”

Over 60 3rd graders were present along with 9 UNC teams: Men and Women’s Golf, Men and Women’s Swimming, Men and Women’s Lacrosse, Football, Rowing and Wrestling.

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