Posted by: allisonbarnes | May 25, 2011

Follow ACC Student-Athletes as They Travel to Vietnam

In 15 hours a group of four UNC student-athletes will begin their trek over to Vietnam to participate in Coach for College. They will be accompanied by 13 other ACC student-athletes representing Duke, Virgina, Virgina Tech and Boston College.

Coach for College is a program that motivates youth in rural Vietnam to reach higher education by teaching lessons on how sports can affect their daily lives in their academics.  This is the 4th summer that Coach for College has been providing four 3 week sport-learning camps, and this summer the program has expanded to two sites: Hoa An and Thuan Hung.

I will be traveling with the program as the Camp 1 Thuan Hung American Director. My main responsibilities are to assist with daily operations with the program and to guide the American Coaches while they teach. During the program I will be keeping a journal of the camp. I hope to use this blog as a brief diversion from Carolina Athletics and to focus primarily on Coach for College. Depending on my internet access availability, I hope to post pictures, videos and blog posts throughout the camp.  If there is something at camp that interests you or that you have a questions about, please comment on the post, email me, or skype me at anbarnes13.

For now,TAM BIET, HEN GAP LAI! (Goodbye, and see you soon!)



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