Posted by: allisonbarnes | May 30, 2011

Adventures Before Camp 1 of CFC Begins

Today was the first day of Camp 1 of the 2011 Coach for College program. Student-Athletes traveled many different paths to get to Vietnam. Some traveled from Chicago to Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh, while others traveled from San Francisco to Korea to Ho Chi Minh. My personal travel started with a wakeup call at 3:20 a.m. on Thursday, May 26 to arriving in the hostel at 11:30 p.m. Friday, May 27, but it was all worth it as everyone made it to the city safely.

After spending the night in one of the hostels in Ho Chi Minh, we traveled to Cai Be Town of Tien Giang Province.  Once there we went on a boat tour of the Mekong Delta where we passed the local floating market.  Our guide pointed out the numerous boats and what they were selling. You could tell what a boat was selling by what was on their rod.

The floating market tour ended at a local village. We received demonstrations on how to make rice paper, coconut candies and popped rice. I remember how last year I tried to make rice paper and failed miserably, but Marlotte Van den Bergh, a field hockey player from Boston College, mastered the art of making the rice paper on the first try.

One of my favorite things of the day was watching the popped rice.  I hadn’t seen it before, but watching the hot sand pop the rice was very cool to see.

After the tour we picked up the Vietnamese Coaches from Can Tho University and then traveled to Coach for College’s new site at Thaun Hung. The site is so much different from Hoa An as I don’t have to blow bugs off me as I shower, and I don’t have to sleep in a mosquito net. In a weird way though I sort of miss that blue cocoon!

Sunday was a busy day as  Duong, the Vietnamese Director, and I helped to prepare the coaches for camp. We went to the school to introduce ourselves to the kids, and everyone was so excited! It was hard to get the coaches focused on passing out surveys as they all were eager to meet the kids. But I’m glad the coaches and kids are excited about getting to know one another, and I can’t wait to see both groups grow.

Off to round 2 for the day. Hope all runs smoothly like this morning!

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  1. Glad to hear that the bugs are not as bad in the new site. enjoy reading your blog

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed reading about day1 and will look forward to future postings.

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