Posted by: allisonbarnes | May 30, 2011

Day 1 Complete for ACC American Coaches

The amazing 4 who helped get the Thuan Hung site up and running smoothly!

The Thuan Hung Coaches have officially met everyone at camp. At the end of the first day, everyone seems excited for the next couple of weeks, and the coaches are already finding ways they can improve their teaching style. I think the coaches get their ability to be flexible and adjust to certain situations from the different sports they play. At the Thuan Hung site, we have three soccer players, a cross country runner, a football player, a rower, a lacrosse player and a swimmer.

I remember last year it taking a few classes for both sets of coaches to get used to teaching, but camp 1 seems to pick it up naturally. Not only are the American Coaches doing an awesome job but the Vietnamese Coaches are INCREDIBLE! I’m amazed at how well they speak English, and their ability to get the students participating in class is a gift. Several of them are majoring in education in hopes of becoming an English teacher, which I can see many of them doing in the near future!

One of the Vietnamese Coaches who is majoring in education is Tran Anh Tuong, aka Nino. Below is a video clip of a game called “Slap the Board” that the English Coaches (Ryan Rotanz, Nino, Morgan Hert, and Nguyen Ngoc Thanh Xuan) created. (Note: the Vietnamese male coach in yellow is Nino.)

We just wrapped up meetings for the night. I had my own meeting with the Vietnamese Coordinator Tinh, Program Director Trinh and the Vietnamese Director Duong. We were playing around in the Director room and had a little photo shoot. Duong said her American name was “Jessica,” so I obviously wanted to know what my Vietnamese name was. She calls me “Kim,” which translates to “princess.” I know if my family is reading this they are chuckling, as that is a name that I am called often in my house.

Time for bed. It is approximately 9 p.m. and I am absolutely beat!

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  1. Al
    the blog update is fantastic……tell everyone to keep up the good work. Love the information and the video

  2. Allsion
    I will try this comment again. I really like the video pictures. It is great to see everyone working together. It looks like a really nice camp facility. Keep up the good work. Mom

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