Posted by: allisonbarnes | June 1, 2011

Happy International Children’s Day from Nam!

My new friends! From Left to Right: Khánh, Ngân, Me, Tháo and Lôc.

Happy June 1st! I was chatting with Duong about why one of the VN Coaches seemed so excited that it was June 1st and she told me it was International Children’s Day. She seemed flabbergasted that I had never heard of this holiday but she told me all about it.

June 1stis a day totally devoted to children. Parents will throw little parties and teachers will bring in little treats.  It reminded me of the new children that I had recently met: Tháo, 9 years old; Ngân, 9 years old; Khánh, 6 years old; Lôc, 5 years old; Liêm, 10 years old; Dạt, 7 years old; and Hân, 13 years old.These kids melt my heart!

I had met them on Tuesday as they helpedme deliver snacks to each class. They have been quite the distraction from my director duties as I find myself sitting on the ground drawling shapes as I learn Vietnamese and they learn English. It’s pretty cool how I can talk to them by just drawling pictures, even if it is just simple sayings.

Can anyone spy the Tar Heel stickers? (Hint: Second Child)

My new friends came back again today and this time I had a gift for them… pixie sticks! They were in LOVE with them. Watching them purse their lips from the sugar was priceless. They gave me ribbons and stickers in return. I just so happen to have a few North Carolina stickers lying in my bag… just in case of times like this. I had them all decked out showing their Tar Heel pride!

So far in camp the coaches have been teaching the students American songs. I can hear them from the Directors office as each team color tries to out sing the team next to them. It’s hard to tell who is having more fun though… the students or the coaches, but I think its safe to say that everyone is having a blast.

I will end this post with wishing all the Children of the world a happy Children’s day and a video of the Vietnamese students singing Twinkle Twinkle!



  1. Thank you for sharing your adventures in Vietnam with all of us! The kid’s look so darling. Give Jordan a hug for me if you see her. Julie Allyne (Jordan’s Mom).

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