Posted by: allisonbarnes | June 13, 2011

Second Competition Day at Thuan Hung

Friday’s Competition Day went even smoother than last. Both the students and coaches are used to the hectic schedule and everyone came out with a lot of energy.

Last week in tennis the Red morning team placed first, but after a week of practice the scores changed with Orange taking the top spot.  Teams broke into pairs to see which team could have the highest number of volleys. American Red Team Coaches Nick Tsipis and Ashley Miller commentate during their team’s competition.

After tennis, the teams transitioned to soccer. Teams competed against one another in who could score 8 goals the fastest. This may sound easier than it sounds, but in goal was D1 Duke goalkeeper Nick Tsipis with  backup D1 Clemson goalkeeper Morgan Hert.

After students completed their life skills exam, it was time for the basketball competition which focused on shooting. The Orange team was on a roll after tennis and finished first again. The volleyball competition was a little more interesting for the coaches, as they were the human targets. Students would serve from the other side of the net and try to hit each coach. The team that hit the most coaches won. I was strategic enough to sit in the back right corner, and therefore was only hit once.  But boy did some of those boys have an arm on them!

Another successful competition day and I’m excited to have another wonderful weekend. It won’t be the beach but I think it will be better. We will be visiting Can Tho, the city where all of the Vietnamese Coaches go to school and where all of the coaches I taught with last year are currently in summer school.  I’m so excited to catch up with all of them! 🙂

(This post was supposed to be published on Friday, but due to lack of Internet wasn’t posted until Monday)


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