Posted by: allisonbarnes | June 13, 2011

Week 2 Memories at Thuan Hung

Last week was a little busy for me and I wasn’t able to share all that went on. Below are some of my favorite memories that will remind me of camp or Vietnam in general.

1.  The boys celebrated the middle of they year on June 6 (6/6) with our bus driver Dũng and the hotel manager Vẹn. This celebrated Vietnamese holiday can also be celebrated on May 5 (5/5) for those who follow the lunar calendar. Dũng and Vẹn invited the boys outside where they had a table set up for them to eat. Duong explained to me that Dũng had sacrificed a rooster to a higher being that specifically watched over his bus in hopes to be lucky and safe when he was traveling on  the street. To describe Dũng, his ringtone is the sound of pigs squealing… a sound I hear way too often at school when the local farm is catching them. He once was in the director’s room when his phone went off, and he saw me hold my ears. He just laughed at me.

2.  My new friends: Hañ, Khánh and Ngân. They usually come to visit me in the afternoon, so I try to get all of my director duties done in the morning. The little ones, Khánh and Ngân, visit me the most and the duo reminds me so much of my older sister Amanda and me. Ngân, who reminds me of Amanda, is beautiful and very outgoing. She often speaks for Khánh who is very shy; however, he is starting to warm-up to me. The other day he grabbed my hand as we were delivering snacks to the different classrooms.  I later found out that he has a slight speech impediment, which causes him to be quite around new people. Amanda used to speak for me when I was little because I also was a little shy and had trouble saying words that had the -er- sound.

Khánh is also more on the sensitive side like me.  We draw all the time and he is constantly seeking my approval after every new line he makes.  We have a routine dialogue of Khánh asking  “Allisỏn?” (pronounced Al-ee-son) And every time I respond with “beautiful!” One of the new words I have taught him. I think I fell in love with Khánh when I found his constant love for food like myself. He’s a little bit on the pudgy side and is constantly eating. When the coaches bring down the extra snacks that their class hasn’t finished, Khánh lends me a hand and helps me finish them.

A picture Khánh drew of me… glad to see I still have the swimmer’s build

3.  The American Coaches have adopted a black pup that we call Natalie.  At fist she was very timid around us, but once she realized all we wanted to do was pet her she has warmed up to us.

4.  And my final favorite moments of last week during camp were seeing all of the coaches during Team Bonding. My room is directly underneath the Red Team’s class who tends to be the loudest class. I decided to go upstairs to see what all the commotion was and was able to catch some of the action.

The Red Team Coaches scrambled the numbers 1-30 on the board and a group of three would compete in who could find each number in sequential order.

We didn’t have potatoes, but the Green Team Coaches were able to make due and played “Hot Chalk.”

The Orange Team wanted to get their kids moving around a little more and introduced the students to an American favorite Duck, Duck, Goose, which was later changed to vịt, vịt, ngẩng.


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