I am a recent graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I majored in Journalism and Mass Communication with a concentration in public relations and a minor in Entrepreneurship. I created this blog to highlight some of the amazing outreach activities that UNC student-athletes participate in throughout the year.

A few things about myself: I love being outside, whether that’s going for a run or a swim, or being at the beach. I believe breakfast is the most important time of the day and can/should be eaten at any time.  I am guilty of watching reality TV and can say I have never missed an episode of Criminal Minds (deep down I’d be a secret agent if I wasn’t such a scardy-cat).  I recently have gotten into traveling and plan on traveling to Vietnam and Thailand after graduation.

Another passion of mine is sports, especially if it involves Carolina.  I have played pretty much everything beginning at the age of four, and came to Carolina to swim.  The beginning of my sophomore year I had an accident that forced me into retirement, but my passion for sports kept me involved. I was the Undergraduate Student- Coach for the UNC Swim team, along with a Carolina CREED mentor and an Outreach Team Representative.

Because of my love for Carolina Athletics I have started this blog.  Athletes have recently accumulated a reputation of being lazy or self absorbed, but I feel that this isn’t an accurate reputation of UNC student-athletes. Unfortunately, it may describe some, but some of the most honest, intelligent and selfless people that I have met during my time at Carolina have been student-athletes. This blog is dedicated to those athletes that do amazing things around the school and community… which most of the time goes unnoticed.

Comments are welcomed… good or bad. And if you know of any athletes that I can write about, please let me know!




  1. Allison! I absolutely LOVE the concept for this blog. I never really had a chance to chat with you when I visited your class, but Meredith Newton was my one of my roomies my senior year, and I must say, it’s true — athletes are often the most passionate and smartest folks you’ll come across at UNC 🙂 Even my dad is one of them (a swimmer in the 70s)!

  2. I’m glad you enjoy it, thanks! Also tell your dad that men’s swimming was just ranked #9 in the NCAA!

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